Thursday, May 25, 2017 - Today is Cycle Day 6
Valley View Elementary (K-2)
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Valley View Elementary
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Educational Trips
for Students

Students may be excused from school attendance for up to five (5) school days per year to participate in educational tours or trips when such trips are evaluated and approved by the school principal in advance.  The trip dates may be non-contiguous but cannot be taken with the first and last ten days of the school year, nor during standardized testing windows. Forms are available on the District website or through the school office and must be submitted no less than two (2) weeks prior to the trip.


Community Flyers

All COMMUNITY FLYERS can be found on the "For Parents" tab of the YSSD website.  Please check this page regularly for updates.


Modified Kindergarten

In the event of a two-hour delay, the Modified Kindergarten Program would operate as follows:



The A.M. Kindergarten students would report to Valley View Elementary for classes that will begin at approximately 10:45 A.M.  Buses will arrive at their stops two hours later than normal (e.g. 10:08 A.M. instead of 8:08 A.M.)  The A.M. Kindergarten classes will run from approximately 10:45 A.M. to 12:25 P.M. on days of Modified Kindergarten.



The P.M. Kindergarten students would report to Valley View Elementary for classes that will begin at approximately 1:50 P.M.  The P.M. Kindergarten classes will run from approximately 1:50 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. on days of Modified Kindergarten.  Bus students will be transported home from school at the normal time.


Bubble Send Off


Camp School No More

Beach Day

Spring Sports Week


High School athletes were special guest servers at Valley View this week for Spring Sports Week!


100th Day of School

Gingerbread Houses

1st Grade Holiday Tradition -- Gingerbread Houses!



Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Kindergarten students enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast to celebrate their unit on Pilgrims and Native Americans!







Voting Day






Thank you to the PTO, volunteers, parents, and everyone

who donated and made our

Dance-A-Thon a success!




Teddy Bear Parade




YSEF Grants for Valley View

YSEF recently released the approved 2017 grants, three of which directly benefit Valley View students.


·  Mindful Moments and Yoga for Kids- Lorie Meckley (Valley View Elementary)

The goal of these two grants, totaling $2,339.54, is to enhance the district’s innovative approach to improving students’ social-emotional well-being through lessons in mindfulness inspired by The Mind Up Curriculum.  This grant will facilitate the creation of a Mindful Moments Room, a private space with a calming atmosphere where students can go to focus on the present, calm down, relax, and re-center.  It will also provide teachers professional development on the benefits of yoga, yoga-based breathing, and relaxation techniques.  Yoga classes for students, led by a professional instructor, will also be part of the learning experience with the goal of working toward independent skill use.  Students who learn to effectively use mindfulness strategies have more effective concentration during instruction, are better able to nurture and develop healthy friendships, have improved academic skills, have better time management skills, have lower anxiety and stress levels, and have improved working memory. 


 ·        Learning Commons District Initiative:  From Library Media Center to Learning Commons – Amy Kendrick (YSHS); YS STEAM Lab Classroom – Tac Thomas (YSHS); STEAM Integration – Donna Kran, Matt Moran, Karen Campbell and Jared Moore (YSMS); 2017 Kindergarten STEAM – Marilyn Henning (Valley View and Yorkshire Elementary Schools)


  YSEF has awarded $30,000 to be distributed among these four grants in support of a district wide “Learning Commons” strategic initiative to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) concepts into the York Suburban curriculum at all learning levels. STEAM promotes inquiry and project-based learning, collaborative learning, critical thinking skills, innovation, and creativity.  From incorporating coding, engineering, and design into kindergarten lessons to enhancing STEAM labs in the high school to transforming the middle and high school libraries into flexible learning spaces that allow for collaboration and exploration, the collective “York Suburban Learning Commons” grant reinforces the district’s dedication to maintain academic rigor, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.  These grants are supported with corporate funds donated to YSEF through the PA State Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.




YS Early Learning


Image result

A few Preschool and Kindergarten Enrichment spots remain for the YS Early Learning Program at Valley View for the 2016-2017 school year. For more information, please contact Jessica Clough at 717-885-1226




Student Supplies 2016-17


Please see the list of Student Supplies needed for the 2016-2017 school year below: 


Printable School Supply Check List


Parents are asked to label

each item with the child's name. 

(A Sharpie or similar marker works well) 





VV at the Homecoming Parade


Buddy Bench


Michael Gilliland built four Buddy Benches for his Eagle Scout project with the help of his fellow Scouts from Troop 54.  Matt Miller, principal at Roundtown Elementary, helped Michael coordinate his project patterned after his school's Buddy Bench built by student Christian Bucks.  After Michael's project was complete, he decided to donate the buddy benches to all four York Suburban School District Elementary Schools.


Playground Pals

Kindergarten students enjoy Rita's Ice on the Valley View playground while meeting new friends.



The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.