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York Suburban Middle School (6-8)
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Guidance Services




The guidance office at the middle school has three basic purposes:  to act as the liaison between the school and community, to work closely with the administration and faculty for individual student advancement, and to help each student be successful academically and personally.

 Guidance services at York Suburban Middle School include:

  • orientation for new students
  • coordination of standardized testing
  • counseling of students on a short-term basis
  • facilitation of groups and classroom lessons
  • scheduling of students
  • consultation with parents and teachers regarding student needs and services
  • facilitation of student evaluation and linking of services relative to student needs
  • continuation of a cumulative record for each pupil
  • withdrawal of students no longer in the district

Each student will be assigned to the same counselor for the entire middle school experience.

Students may request to see a counselor by scheduling an appointment in the guidance office.

Parents may request an appointment by calling the Guidance Office phone number listed below.



Mrs. Lesli Goodhart (6th grade)

Mrs. Angie Adams  (7th grade)      Website

Mr. Jason Showvaker  (8th grade)   


Guidance Administrative Assistant:

Mrs. Judy Everett


 Guidance Phone:  (717) 885-1262

 Guidance Fax:  (717) 885-1263  


School Psychologist:

Ms. Stephanie Ongley


Career program for YSMS- Naviance Family Connections



7th Grade: November 4 and 5, 2015  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

8th Grade: September 25, 2015  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Suicide Prevention Information

Call: 2-1-1, 1-800-Suicide, or 1-800-273-TALK

Chat: or

Text: "Listen" to 741-741, "Answer" to 839-863, "WeCanHelpUs" to 303-64


New Student Registration




Registration should be done on-line through the York Suburban SD Website -


Once you have registered on-line, schedule your appointment on-line.


 All registration is done at one site - Education Center (building behind the York Suburban High School).


To print a free and reduced lunch application, refer to our district website. 



Important Dates


Marking Period Dates:                                          



    8/18/16  - 10/21/16

  10/24/16  -  1/06/17

    1/09/17  -  3/15/17

    3/16/17  -  5/25/17


Four times a year at nine-week intervals, reporting periods will close and post as Marking Period Grades on Infinite Campus.  Students and families will access IC to view student report cards.

Paper copies will not be mailed home to families until the end of the school year. 

Families without internet access may call the school for a paper copy.


REPORT CARDS from the MS can be viewed On-line on these dates:

MP1 - October 30, 2015;  MP2 - January 15, 2016;  MP3 - March 23, 2016;  

MP4 & Final report cards will be mailed shortly after the end of school.




UA 1 – Sem. 1         August 18 – September 29                     graded in MP1

UA 2 – Sem. 1         September 30 – November 15                 graded in MP2

UA 3 – Sem. 1         November 16 – January 6                       graded in MP2

These students will start (Sem. 2) January 9th with either/or:


(Applied Engineering & Technology)         (Computer & Information Technology)

graded in MP 3 for one and MP4 for the other.






(Applied Engineering & Technology)         (Computer & Information Technology)

graded in MP 1 for one and MP2 for the other.

These students will start (Sem. 2) January 9th with - Rotations for FACS, ART, MUSIC

UA 4 – Sem. 2         January 9 – February 22                           graded in MP3

UA 5 – Sem. 2         February 23 – April 6                                graded in MP4


UA 6 – Sem. 2         April 7 – May 25                                       graded in MP4



Middle School Guidance Curriculum Overview

6th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Counselors introduce 6th grade students to our YSMS Student Assistance Program and explain what SAP is, how and where to make a referral, and appropriate situations in which to make a referral. 

During their Family and Consumer Science rotation, students learn about interpersonal relationships, forming/maintaining friendships, developing first impressions, resolving conflict, and strengthening their communications skills co-taught by the guidance and FACS departments.

The middle school guidance program also exposes 6th grade students to Naviance, our district-wide career exploration program (Career Key) to help them determine which careers match their personal strengths, values, and skills.

7th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Counselors reinforce to 7th grade students the importance of SAP and making a referral in small groups with discussion encouraged.

The middle school guidance program also builds on prior Naviance exposure, as students complete additional activities (Cluster Finder, Career Profiler, Roadtrip Nation) to help them understand the relationship between personal interests, personal qualities, and career choices.

8th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Counselors reinforce to 8th grade students the importance of SAP and making a referral in small groups with discussion encouraged.

In partnership with the York County School of Technology, students are exposed to the option of going to York Tech for high school, what is offered there, and how to apply.

YSMS guidance also builds on prior Naviance exposure to discover careers of interest and specific information regarding these careers, including educational requirements, through additional Naviance and Big Future activities.

In coordination with YSHS counselors, the middle school guidance program prepares 8th grade students for their next educational step by helping them understand what a high school schedule looks like, teaching them buzz terms used in high school like electives and prerequisites, and how to use the high school course handbook.

Students will create and submit their 9th grade schedules to YSMS guidance for approval.


Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The SAP program is an intervention team staffed by teachers, counselors, the school nurse, the building administration, and appropriate agencies from the community.  SAP members are trained to identify and refer "high risk" students for appropriate assessment.  HIGH RISK CONCERNS may include substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, eating disorders, depression, school phobia, suicide prevention, and truancy. 

Referrals for high risk students come from students, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, and/or community members.  If there is a concern for the physical and emotional well-being of a student, contact  the child's school counselor.

Click here for Parent Brochure (PDF)


Community Agencies

Childline - for suspected child abuse/neglect (800-932-0313)

Crisis Intervention - (717-851-5320)

FIRST - Free Information and Referral System Teleline (717-755-1000)

MH/MR -  Mental Health/Mental Retardation (717-741-9618)

Olivia's House - for grieving children and their families (717-699-1133)

YCS - York County Children and Youth Services (717-846-8496)


Bullying Prevention and Intervention

The York Suburban Middle School's PRIDE program is committed to eliminating bullying in our school.  Detailed information about the PRIDE program and resources related to bullying can be found by accessing the PRIDE Moodle page at and clicking on YSMS PRIDE.

To report bullying, please submit a REBEL form:



YSMS Bully Blast: - First Edition  Second Edition  Third Edition  Fourth Edition

For Bullying Fast Facts, click here.Save


Bullying information for kids and parents:

Bullying videos:


Words Hurt:

Cyberbullying videos:

Let's Fight It Together:

Talent Show:


Think Before You Post:




The Four Foundational Components for Optimal Learning


There are 4 Foundational Components to Learning that must be utilized in order to maximize your child's ability to achieve here at York Suburban.  Please take a moment to watch the following videos that outline each of the 4 components to learning:


1.SLEEP - Elementary School students need 10 hours a night; Middle School students must have 9.5 hours a night; High School students need 9 hours every night.  Pick a consistent bedtime for your child during school nights, at the very least, and stick to it.  Sleep uninterupted by any screens like televisions, computers, ipads, iphones, etc is essential! Turn off all screens at least 20 minutes before going to bed to give your brain a rest. Help your child decide if a shower before bed or in the morning works best then plan accordingly.


2.HYDRATION - Inadequate water intake is the #1 trigger of fatigue.  Almost 2/3 of all Americans don't drink enough water to meet their daily hydration needs. Students are encouraged to drink all day long.  Here's a simple plan: drink a cup of water when you get up, with each meal, and at bedtime coupled with a cup of juice and two cups of milk throughout the day. Students who are adequately hydrated are able to learn and retain 20% more info than those who are thirsty.


3.NUTRITION - A balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients is essential to feed your child's brain. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Simply eating breakfast has a direct link to increased grades, strengthened focus and attention, decreased inappropriate behaviors, and increaded ability to control body weight.


4. EXERCISE- Simply put, 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day boosts brain power!



The middle school is pleased to be using Naviance, a web-based academic and career planning platform. Naviance  provides activities, coordination and communication tools for students and their families to use to increase student engagement in the school-to-work process, improve academic performance, and encourage workkplace and college readiness.  Middle school counselors will be introducing students to Naviance during classroom guidance activities scheduled during the school year.  The Naviance system is also being implemented at York Suburban High School. 


Students are welcome to explore the features on their own at the link below. Students can use their school username and password to access the site.



Ten Things Every Middle School Parent Should Know and Implement

Parents, your middle school children need you now more than ever.  They need your time, your patience, and your protection from a silent assassin, TECHNOLOGY.  Sure, technological advances have taken education and ease of information to levels most of us could never have dreamed as young students. However, with all technology's benefits, there comes a price.


It has never been harder to be a middle school student.  With unrealistic expectations of perfection, popularity and performance, levels of stress and anxiety have never been higher.  At the same time, they are expected to be technologically responsible.  Unfortunately, middle school students are not biologically programmed to handle this increased responsibility. In fact, they are some of the most impulsive and irrational beings on the planet. 


Myelination, a process that begins in infancy and is completed in adulthood anywhere from 24 to 34 years of age, "enables nerve cells (neurons) to transmit information faster and allows for more complex brain processes. Myelination aids cognitive development and enables executive functions like planning, reasoning, and decision making while inhibiting impulses and promoting greater self-discipline."


Since the brains of middle school students still have a long way to go before fully myelinated, they have extreme difficulty making rational decisions.  For once, it actually isn't their fault!  But what do we do as parents, we give in to their pleas for an iPhone, iPad, laptop computer, etc. We warn them to be careful, to use it for educational purposes, in case of emergency, in moderation...all they can think about is social media, texting, gaming!  It all adds up to hours and hours of unrestricted trouble, if not regulated.  Which leads to the top 10 things middle parents should know and impliment: 


1.  Limit your children's recreational screen time (computer, video games, television, iPad, iPhone, etc.) to 2 or less hours per day.  Screen time truly dedicated to schoolwork does not count towards recreational screen time.


2.  Institute a household rule that your children's technological devices (iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc.) must get docked in your room at night to charge.  Make a stipulation to your children that in order to be able to use a device, you must know all their passwords.  If they know you have the ability to read their texts or posts to social media sites, they are more apt to censor what they write. Remember, nothing good or productive happens on social media after 9:00 PM so dock those screens, and don't give in to their screams!


3.  Remind your children to think before they speak, write, or text.  Impulsivity can have disasterous consequences.  Everyone gets mad or frustrated from time to time, but responding verbally with unkind words or writing them down for the world to see online can haunt your children forever.  Companies spend big money to archival sites to run personality and character searches for specific job candidates, paying close attention to social media.  What your children write down in middle school in the heat of the moment might actually be the difference between landing that dream job or having them continue to live in your basement.


4.  Just like movies, video games have ratings to protect your children.  Many children are desperate to grow up too fast, often losing sight of the innocence of childhood.  As parents, it is our job to protect their innocense, no matter how much they beg or whine. Click on this gaming video for more information about how video games affect your children's developing brain!


5.  Take time from your busy schedule to give your children some one on one attention.  In this day and age we often find ourselves buying them a wide range of items to show how much we care. It's the small things that have little to no cost like baking cookies, taking walks, runs, or hikes, practicing a sport, etc. that they truly enjoy.  They might not act like they need time with you, but their hearts sure will appreciate it!


6.  Make sure to make every effort to get to know your children's friends and their parents.  We are who we associate with on a daily basis. Teach your children to blame you, as the parent, when they want to get out of a bad situation. For instance, "drink this", "smoke this", "steal this", "break this", etc....encourage them to respond "I can't, my parent(s) would destroy me or ground me forever!"


7.  Pick a day of the week to check Infinite Campus (IC ) to make sure your children are performing at a high academic level.  On Sundays, help your children to organize their binders and bookbags for the week ahead by placing stray papers in their proper folders and purging unnecessary items. Periodic checks of the agenda are also very helpful to ensure your children are writing down their assignments throughout the day.


8.  Don't allow your children to tell you they've already completed their homework at school without proving it.  This is York Suburban and we have no study halls. They will use this excuse as long as you let them. While checking Infinite Campus (IC), if you see lots of red "MISSING" codes behind class assignments, your children are not doing their job as a student.  If your children are not keeping up with their assignments, help them get back on track by asking to see their agenda and the completed assignments.  If they don't show it, then issue a consequence and stick with it until they do.  It takes 21 days to create a habit.


9.  Don't discount habits of good hygiene.  Make sure to encourage use of deodorant, clean socks and underwear (just because they look clean from one day's use doesn't mean they are), and a variety of outfits. Wearing the same clothes on purpose everyday may create unwanted negative attention from peers. 


10.  Don't ever hesitate to contact your children's guidance counselor or teachers for any reason.  You are never a bother or inconvenience!


Berger, Kathleen. The Developing Person Through the Lifespan. 2008. 7th Edition. New York: Worth.


Sowell, Elizabeth R., Peterson, Bradley S., Thompson, Paul M., Welcome, Suzanne E., Henkenius, Amy L., and Toga, Arthur W. "Mapping Cortical Change Across the Human Life Span." Nature Neuroscience. 2003: 6, 309-315.




8th Grade Students Preparing for High School!

The course selection process has begun for our 8th grade students going to 9th grade at York Suburban High School.  Mr. Showvaker will be meeting with students in late January to explain the process, and counselors from the high school will later meet with 8th grade students to make preliminary elective choices.  A course selection sheet indicating core course placements and student elective selections will be sent home with students the middle of February for parent review.  Students who have applied to York County School of Technology will be going through the York Suburban course selection process as well since acceptances to Tech will not be received until March.

 It would be helpful for 8th grade students and parents to review the York Suburban High School.

17-18 Course Catalog



Explore the opportunities that the game of life has to offer at York Tech's Career Camp! Gain hands on experience in a variety of career fields - perhaps one that you've always wanted to learn more about or ones that you've never even considered before. Step outside the box, take a chance, and come discover life's endless possibilities!

All 6th and 7th grade students are eligible to apply.

Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis beginning March 1, 2016.  The deadline for applications is May 1, 2016. Applications available in the YSMS guidance office. 

The camp runs June 14th through June 16th from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM at the York County School of Technology 2179 South Queen Street York, PA 17402. (717) 741-0820, ext. 5112



CTY Talent Search applications are now available in the guidance office for any student who scored ADVANCED on last year's PSSA in MATH and/or READING. Qualified applicants, who would like an opportunity to take a class during the summer through Johns Hopkins University, can pick up a CTY informational pamphlet in guidance or access their website at:

JHU CTY Talent Search




The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.