Tuesday, September 01, 2015 - Cycle Day 3
York Suburban Middle School (6-8)
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York Suburban School District educates, challenges, and prepares students to shape the future.
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Online Code of Conduct Contract


Parents/Guardians  - Click here for the Online Code of Conduct Contract


Quality Assessment Reports

Student Council


Please visit the Student Council page for detailed information!


Back to School Packet


Attention Parents/Guardians: This Online Back-to-School Packet contains important information that all parents/guardians and students need to review and complete prior to the first day of school.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this window to complete Sections 1 through 6.


Welcome Back!




1.  Update Infinite Campus:



Please go to Infinite Campus and update the contact information for your household and each student's health history information. 



2.  Please click on each link below to review each document:


  Student and Parent Handbook (read)


  Appendix A

    Code of Student Conduct (read)


  Appendix B

    Contract for Participation in Co-

    Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities (CFP) (read)

    Proof of Insurance Information (read)


  Appendix C

    Kingston Park (read)


  Appendix E

    Important Middle School Dates (read)


  Appendix F

    Student “Agenda” (read)


  Appendix G

    Acceptable Use Policy (read) 

    Electronic Devices Policy (read)


  Appendix H

    Medication Form (Required if your child needs to take medication at school).


  Appendix I

    G.O.T. PRIDE (read)


Physical Education Policy:  Physical education attire is required for all students participating in physical education classes and must conform to the school dress code guidelines.  For hygiene and safety, students are required to change clothes for physical education class.  The required attire shall consist of elastic waistband athletic shorts or cotton sweat pants with no pockets, a crewneck T-shirt, and sneakers with laces.  Students may purchase a school (black shorts/orange shirt) uniform for approximately $17.00 by requesting an order form from the physical education teachers.  The uniform should not be worn during the regular school day.   



3.  After you have reviewed each document above:


Click here for the Parent Sign-Off Sheet

*Check the appropriate boxes

*Complete the fields at the bottom

*SIGN the form

*Return this form, with your child, on the first day of school, and NO LATER THAN Friday, August 21, 2015


Please note: If you have multiple children in one building, simply change the student information at the bottom and reprint the form without starting over.


 Please scroll down for additional documents:


Activity Fee Payment Voucher (required if paying by cash, check, or money order) 


Activity Fee Waiver Application (for cases of financial hardship)


All-Sports Booster Club Membership Form (optional) - supports All Sports Booster Club  


CTC Membership Form
Optional Form to support the Communities That Care Alliance.

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIPS) (optional)


Free & Reduced Lunch Information and Application (optional) - A Free & Reduced Lunch Application must be completed each year in order to be eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch.


K12 Payment Center - Online meal payment and purchase monitoring (review) - When you first add your child(ren), the balance will be zero, since the balance is not pulled from our point of sale system until a transaction occurs.  The correct balance will appear within 24 hrs.  


Middle School Meal Prices

for 2015-16

Breakfast        $1.40

Lunch              $2.45


Click here to see what's for lunch on your computer or download the app to your mobile device by scanning the code below.




 5.  Please continue scrolling for grade-specific information:

Grade 6 Physical Form
(To be completed by Physician and returned to school)


Grade 7 Dental Form
(To be completed by Dentist and returned to school)

Grade 8 

**Chromebook Guidelines and Agreement - The agreement must be printed from Infinite Campus and signed in order to receive a Chromebook.


 Chromebook Insurance Policy (recommended)



6.  You are finished!  


Please remember to turn in all documents that you've printed from Sections 1-5 above on the first day of school and no later than Friday, August 21, 2015.  


Thank you.




Important Information Link


Summer Information/Reminders


Do you need to register a student?  Please contact Mr. Nick Staab, YSSD Office, at 717-885-1131 to schedule an appointment


Questions regarding student transportation?  Please contact Durham Bus Company at 717-843-0520


SCHOOL SUPPLY LISTS FOR 2015 -16 (click grade level(s) below)


6th Grade

6th Grade


7th Grade

7th Grade


8th Grade

8th Grade


(Also- See Library Playaway Permission form below)


Attendance FAQs:



Educational Trip Reminders:

  • Students may be excused from school attendance for up to five (5) school days per year to participate in educational tours or trips.  These must be pre-approved two (2) weeks prior to the trip.
  • Educational trips will not be approved during the first 10 days and last 10 days of the school year, or during standardized testing windows.
  • Trip forms are available on the school district website or in any school building office.

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Click here to join the Giant A+ School Rewards Program for YSMS


Library Information 2014-2015:

Playaway Permission Form (print/sign/return at the start of school)


Reminder for Middle School Parents

Middle School students are required by the State Health Department to have several health related reports completed. If your child still needs any of these reports, please return the completed forms to the nurse's office as soon as possible, or you can scan and email them to Christine Stipanovic, Middle School Nurse. Thanks for your cooperation!


Grade 6 - Physical Exam Form

(Please check with your health care provider about also getting the Tdap and Meningitis vaccines, as they will be required for 7th grade.)


Grade 7 - Dental Exam Form

(Tdap and Meningitis vaccines are required.)



Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device - Student Device Registration

Before a student may bring a personal electronic wireless device to school, he/she must:
2.  Register his/her device by completing the form below. This is required even if you are using a cell phone without Internet access! The STUDENT must click here to register his/her device because it requires him/her to log in to Google Apps. At this time, it is not available for parents.  Click here to register: YSSD Wireless Device Registration

Upcoming Events

CTC Information

For current CTC information click on: 




CTC YSSD District


The York Suburban School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status or handicap, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Action of 1964, Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, in its activities, educational and vocational programs and in its recruitment and employment practices. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, the ADA and the implementing regulations may be referred to the Superintendent, 1800 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403, telephone (717) 885-1210.